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Michelangelo, God's Architect Reviews

Michelangelo, God's Architect by William E. Wallace

Michelangelo, God's Architect: The Story of His Final Years and Greatest Masterpiece

William E. Wallace

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Imprint: Princeton University Press
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication date: 8 Nov 2019
ISBN: 9780691195490

The untold story of Michelangelo's final decades-and his transformation into one of the greatest architects of the Italian Renaissance 

5 stars out of 5
5 Jan 2020

"Michelangelo’s final, forgotten masterpiece"

Another pleasure of this book is its focus on ‘the unsung heroes of Michelangelo’s old age’ – the building-site overseers, collaborating artists, assistants and friends who made possible many of the achievements that history has labelled with Michelangelo’s name. He demolishes the popular image of an isolated old genius, who ‘snarled at the world like a dog from his kennel’. Instead, we get Michelangelo the solicitous, if grumpy, uncle, the caring employer, the animal-lover, whose cat ‘lamented’ his absence. When his long-time assistant Urbino fell dangerously ill, Michelangelo shelled out for a stomach-churning cocktail of treatments: alongside cinnamon, cloves and rose water, poor Urbino swallowed fox oil, powdered antler and pubic hair. When Urbino died, Michelangelo felt ‘lifeless myself and can find no peace’.