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Munky Reviews

Munky by Brian Catling


Brian Catling

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Imprint: The Swan River Press
Publisher: The Swan River Press
Publication date: 21 Jul 2020
ISBN: 9781783800339
4 stars out of 5
Stuart Kelly
16 Dec 2020

"B Catling’s Munky might be called MR James with a soupcon of PG Wodehouse and a dash of Viz"

From this apparition spirals a gallery of English grotesques, and there is a discussion of afternoon tea more stomach churning than a micturating monk. I’d recommend starting it an hour before sunset so you finish at night, and a warning: don’t expect pat answers. This is a place where “mischievous and disrespectful socks were nudging each other while whispering and scurrying to and fro beneath the armchair which he had always used (and trusted) before to contain his nightly sheddings”.