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Murder on Mustique Reviews

Murder on Mustique by Anne Glenconner

Murder On Mustique: from the author of the Sunday Times bestselling memoir Lady in Waiting

Anne Glenconner

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Imprint: Hodder & Stoughton
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication date: 12 Nov 2020
ISBN: 9781529336344

Warm, witty, surprising and endlessly entertaining, Murder on Mustique draws on Lady Glenconner's wealth of knowledge about the island and love of storytelling to create a gripping murder mystery. It delivers perfect escapism!

3 stars out of 5
Jake Kerridge
22 Nov 2020

"the book is suffused not just with mere charm, but with the author’s genuine, and genuinely attractive, personality"

This is a pretty standard whodunnit, which will teach you a bit about coral conservation and Obeah magic as well as telling you why the Queen loves Mustique and everybody has Nicky Haslam design their villa interiors. The prose veers from the clunky (“an urgent request for an ambulance rarely signals good news” – no kidding!) to the genuinely evocative (“Tides don’t exist on Mustique; the ocean only advances and retreats by a few inches each day, like a shy suitor, afraid to embrace the land”).