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My Life in Loyalism Reviews

My Life in Loyalism by Billy Hutchinson, Gareth Mulvenna

My Life in Loyalism

Billy Hutchinson, Gareth Mulvenna

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Imprint: Merrion Press
Publisher: Merrion Press
Publication date: 2 Nov 2020
ISBN: 9781785373459

From Tartan gang member to leading loyalist paramilitary, and from Progressive Unionist politician to Belfast City Councillor, My Life in Loyalism is Billy Hutchinson’s remarkable story.

3 stars out of 5
20 Dec 2020

"A reminder of some of the dark contradictions within the myths of loyalism"

Hutchinson himself bemoans the relative absence of working-class loyalist voices from Northern Ireland politics, and it is hard to disagree with him, especially when both main unionist parties inevitably lean right (and sometimes far right) in economic orientation. This book is a reminder of how distinctive and forceful voices such as Hutchinson and Ervine can be – but also a reminder of some of the dark and unresolved contradictions that exist within the myths of loyalism.