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Never Anyone But You Reviews

Never Anyone But You by Rupert Thomson

Never Anyone But You

Rupert Thomson

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Imprint: Corsair
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 5 Jun 2018
ISBN: 9781472153500

Based on actual events, NEVER ANYONE BUT YOU is the gripping, beautifully written story of a love affair between two revolutionary female artists who challenged the conventions of art and gender during the long twentieth century.

  • The GuardianBook of the Year
4 stars out of 5
Miranda Seymour
27 May 2018

"Two real-life artistic pioneers challenge gender boundaries and the Nazis in Thomson’s elegant and menacing 10th novel "

Dangerous psychic territory is Thomson’s speciality. Writing with an eerie command of precise detail, he slips beneath the skin of characters who experience a crisis and learn, painfully, how to come to terms with catastrophe. In The Book of Revelation, a young man is captured and tortured by three women whose identities remain concealed. In Death of a Murderer, a troubled father is called upon to help oversee the funeral arrangements for a notorious child killer (Moors murderer Myra Hindley). Staccato sentences and sharp, unexpected images add to the uneasy sense of being drawn into a danger-filled dreamworld from which there’s no way out.