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New Year's Day is Black Reviews

New Year's Day is Black by Nicky Loutit

New Year's Day is Black

Nicky Loutit

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Imprint: Propolis
Publisher: Propolis
Publication date: 21 Oct 2016
ISBN: 9780992946029

The artist Nicky Loutit's remarkable visual memoir, starting with her childhood growing up amongst the cultural elite of London's Bloomsbury set and following her extraordinary journey to the North Norfolk coast today.

4 stars out of 5
10 Dec 2016

"a bold and sobering work of art"

New Year’s Day is Black, by the 71-year-old Norfolk watercolourist Nicky Loutit, is an experiment in autobiography which attempts to present a long and often unhappy life as it is actually remembered: not only in words or images, but by a scrappy combination of the two — non-chronological, incoherent, yet in glimpses that sometimes blast from her book with an eyeball-scorching force. It’s a bold and sobering work of art.