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No Authority by Anne Enright

No Authority: Writings from the Laureate for Irish Fiction

Anne Enright

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Imprint: University College Dublin Press
Publisher: University College Dublin Press
Publication date: 11 Jan 2019
ISBN: 9781910820513

In three urgent pieces of non-fiction Anne Enright explores speech and silence in the lives of Irish women.

4 stars out of 5
25 Dec 2019

"forensic reflections as fiction laureate"

Enright writes with a sharpened blade, and No Authority opens ground that demands further tilling. In the book’s afterword, she recalls her first official outing as laureate in Longford Public Library, an event attended by Louise Lovett, whose sister Ann died exactly 30 years before in Granard: “I do not think I was appointed laureate because I was a woman. The business of writing is hard enough without taking on the additional burden of gender politics. Listening to arguments about gender makes men mildly defensive and takes very little of their time. If you are a woman, making these arguments will eat your head, your talent, and your life. None of this ever seemed to me fair, or even useful. But that gathering in Longford was telling me its own story. If it held the promise of books to come, it also held reminders of events that had shaped my own work, some of them unbearably sad. I am, by age and stage, a kind of bridge between a bright future for the voices of Irish women and a terrible past.”