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No Time Like the Future by Michael J Fox

No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality

Michael J Fox

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Imprint: Headline Book Publishing
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication date: 17 Nov 2020
ISBN: 9781472278463

A moving account of resilience, hope, fear and mortality, and how these things resonate in our lives, by actor and advocate Michael J. Fox.

4 stars out of 5
21 Nov 2020

"The Hollywood actor is bracingly honest about the reality of living with Parkinson’s"

Fox tells his story vividly with plenty of quips and self-deprecation. The most compelling moments, though, are when he questions his can-do spirit, when he asks at what point positivity becomes self-deception. “In telling other patients, ‘Chin up! It will be OK!’ did I look to them to validate my optimism? Is it because I needed to believe it myself? Things don’t always turn out. Sometimes things turn shitty. I have to tell people the whole deal.”