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Now We Have Your Attention by Jack Shenker

Now We Have Your Attention

The New Politics of the People

Jack Shenker

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Imprint: The Bodley Head Ltd
Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication date: 19 Sep 2019
ISBN: 9781847925404

Now We Have Your Attention makes sense of what is happening in British politics by taking a radically different perspective: the people's. From a warehouse in Manchester to a pub in Essex, from the outskirts of Glasgow to a racecourse in Durham, Jack Shenker uncovers the root causes of our current crisis and the future direction of British politics through the lives of ordinary individuals.

4 stars out of 5
Dan Hancox
2 Dec 2019

"The author’s passion – and the defiance of his subjects – is infectious"

While his chapters have seemingly vague titles such as Community, Work, Homes, Borders and Youth, these broad overlapping themes emerge in Shenker’s detailed and passionate reporting. Debi, a campaigner working with homeless young people in Manchester, tells him that there has been a “tearing of the social fabric” that has “left many of these kids with a kind of PTSD”.He talks to Fatima, 54, who lives out of two suitcases in Stratford, east London, having migrated from her native Guinea-Bissau to Portugal, then to the UK; she works two minimum-wage cleaning jobs, from 6.30am till 9pm, before returning to the grim, precarious bedsit she shares with nine strangers.... Yet we are left hopeful. The author’s passion – and the defiance of his subjects – is infectious. And you have to applaud him for finding the untold stories behind the rolling omnishambles that is British politics in 2019.