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Perfect 10 Reviews

Perfect 10 by Jacqueline Ward

Perfect Ten: A powerful novel about one woman's search for revenge

Perfect Ten

Jacqueline Ward

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1 review

Imprint: Corvus
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication date: 6 Sep 2018
ISBN: 9781786493767

An explosive debut thriller about one woman's search for revenge - and the dangerous chain of events she sets in motion...

4 stars out of 5
Geoffrey Wansell
27 Sep 2018


This compelling debut from a psychologist is about revenge in the age of social media.

 . . .

It makes explosive reading as he lists 37 women with whom he has had affairs, rating each with a score from one to ten. Enraged, Caroline sets out to take her ruthless revenge by identifying and then targeting the women in an attempt to discredit her arrogant husband — and get her children back. Wildly entertaining.