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Professor Maxwell’s Duplicitous Demon Reviews

Professor Maxwell’s Duplicitous Demon by Brian Clegg

Professor Maxwell's Duplicitous Demon

The Life and Science of James Clerk Maxwell

Brian Clegg

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Imprint: Icon Books Ltd
Publisher: Icon Books Ltd
Publication date: 7 Feb 2019
ISBN: 9781785784958

Asked to name a great physicist, most people would mention Newton or Einstein, Feynman or Hawking. But ask a physicist and there's no doubt that James Clerk Maxwell will be near the top of the list. Maxwell, an unassuming Victorian Scotsman, explained how we perceive colour. He uncovered the way gases behave. And, most significantly, he transformed the way physics was undertaken in his explanation of the interaction of electricity and magnetism, revealing the nature of light and laying the groundwork for everything from Einstein's special relativity to modern electronics.

4 stars out of 5
Simon Ings
16 Feb 2019

"Clegg doesn’t make science delightful. He delights in science. "

Clegg’s huge backlist of popular science covers everything from quantum entanglement to climate change. He has yet to write a break-out book. Nor will he, I suspect: he’s one of that curiously egoless cohort of excellent writers — Philip Ball and Oliver Morton also spring to mind — who quietly, steadily, run rings around their flashier peers. Like them, Clegg doesn’t make science delightful. He delights in science.