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Rebel Cell by Dr Kat Arney

Rebel Cell

Cancer, Evolution and the Science of Life

Dr Kat Arney

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Category: Non-fiction
Imprint: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 6 Aug 2020
ISBN: 9781474609302

A fresh and fascinating investigation into cancer and how genetics holds the key to overcoming it.

4 stars out of 5
5 Aug 2020

"not boring at all... mostly it’s a riot"

However, I have to say that the British science writer Kat Arney’s book Rebel Cell:Cancer, Evolution and the Science of Life is not boring at all, and only occasionally more dense in references than the lay reader enjoys. Mostly it’s a riot. Her central point is that cancer is just part of life. We’re not going to abolish it in a hurry, whatever the slogans say, and nor is it a brand-new phenomenon caused by civilised man. Certainly bad environments (including radiation from the sun itself) and abuses of the body, such as smoking, can trigger it, but even then they don’t always.