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Shades of Scarlet Reviews

Shades of Scarlet by Anne Fine

Shades of Scarlet

Anne Fine

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Category: Children's
Imprint: David Fickling Books
Publisher: David Fickling Books
Publication date: 4 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781788451352

SHADES OF SCARLET is a deeply insightful, sharply funny book by bestselling author Anne Fine, about how growing up means coming to terms with your parents' lives being just as messy as your own...

  • The Sunday TimesChildren's Book of the Week
5 stars out of 5
Nicolette Jones
7 Mar 2021

"this rite-of-passage story is compelling, entertaining, insightful and kind"

Teenage Scarlet finds her parents very disappointing. Especially when her mother decides to move out and her father does nothing to stop it. Exasperated by their secrets, her powerlessness and their ineffectualness, Scarlet expects to fill her new notebook with an indictment of all their failings. And she takes small acts of sullen revenge, but as this story unfolds, and as Scarlet is trusted with more of the truth about her parents’ lives, she learns that their choices do not have to dictate all of hers, and that it is possible in these circumstances for everyone to forgo blame and try to behave well towards each other, and to find happiness.