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Shiver Reviews

Shiver by Allie Reynolds

Shiver: who is guilty and who is innocent in the most gripping thriller of the year

Allie Reynolds

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Imprint: Headline Book Publishing
Publisher: Headline Publishing Group
Publication date: 21 Jan 2021
ISBN: 9781472270245

A spectacular debut thriller set in the uniquely dangerous world of high-stakes, professional snowboarding.

4 stars out of 5
Joan Smith
10 Jan 2021

"Reynolds is a former freestyle snowboarder with an intimate knowledge of the sport and the rivalry it inspires"

Her first novel sees five old friends who haven’t seen each other for a decade invited to a reunion in the French Alps. They arrive to find themselves the only occupants of an eerily deserted lodge. Ten years earlier they were in the same place, competing against each other in the run-up to the Olympics, when another member of their group disappeared. Saskia’s body has never been found and now the others seem to have been lured back by someone who blames them for her death. The identity of the hidden manipulator is not hard to guess, but this is a promising debut with a dramatic setting.