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Sid Meier's Memoir! Reviews

Sid Meier's Memoir! by Sid Meier

Sid Meier's Memoir!

A Life in Computer Games

Sid Meier

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Category: History, Non-fiction
Imprint: WW Norton & Co
Publisher: WW Norton & Co
Publication date: 8 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781324005872

The life and career of the legendary developer celebrated as the "godfather of computer gaming" and creator of Civilization.

3 stars out of 5
Alex Hern
11 Sep 2020

"an enjoyable read, but an unserious one"

With a career as long as Meier’s, the book serves as a pocket history of game development itself, as team sizes grow and technology improves. But those looking to learn from the master, rather than about him, may be disappointed. Meier is more interested in sharing anecdotes from behind the scenes than assessing the works themselves. The result is a book that – perhaps appropriately given his mantra, “find the fun” – is an enjoyable read, but an unserious one. Whether it was Meier’s decision, or his publishers, to smatter the book with “achievements”, such as “read the word ‘the’ 1,000 times”, doesn’t help matters.