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Slash and Burn by Claudia Hernandez, Julia Sanches

Slash and Burn

Claudia Hernandez, Julia Sanches

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Imprint: And Other Stories
Publisher: And Other Stories
Publication date: 28 Dec 2020
ISBN: 9781911508823

A woman keeps her daughters safe in the wake of war and political trauma in Central and Latin America.

4 stars out of 5
14 Jan 2021

"an intensive reading experience"

The novel is controlled and defined by its style: long, tightly knitted paragraphs of intricate memories with no direct speech. The sustained interiority of the narrative makes for an intensive reading experience, but it’s a tribute both to Hernández’s careful structure and to Julia Sanches’s translation that the reader is only briefly disoriented each time the narrative passes from mother to daughter to sister.