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Stanley Kubrick Reviews

Stanley Kubrick by David Mikics

Stanley Kubrick: American Filmmaker

David Mikics

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Imprint: Yale University Press
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication date: 2 Oct 2020
ISBN: 9780300224405

"Stanley Kubrick revolutionized Hollywood with movies like Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and A Clockwork Orange, and electrified audiences with The Shining and Full Metal Jacket. David Mikics takes readers on a deep dive into Kubrick's life and work, illustrating his intense commitment to each of his films."--Provided by publisher.

4 stars out of 5
30 Oct 2020

"Mikics is a forensic film critic, and fascinating on what might have been in Kubrick’s career"

Mikics is a forensic film critic, and fascinating on what might have been in Kubrick’s career. He never made his long-cherished biopic of Napoleon, partly due to the Hollywood adage that “Americans don’t like films where people write with feathers”. Stubbornly he went on to make Barry Lyndon, set in 18th-century Ireland, although its lukewarm reception in the US rather proved the adage. Madmagazine rechristened it “Boring Lyndon”.


3 stars out of 5
18 Oct 2020

"David Mikics is far too worshipful of the film director who notoriously reduced his actors to tears"

Now, actors usually like working with uncertain directors. It gives them the chance to show what they can do. But Mikics quotes numerous dread memories of scenes being done over and over — with no indication from Kubrick as to what had been wrong with the previous take. Given his monstrous bullying of her on The Shining shoot, Shelley Duvall has every right to kid herself she learned more from Kubrick than she did from her seven movies with Robert Altman. David Mikics has no such right. But like Tom Cruise in Kubrick’s swansong, he keeps his eyes wide shut.