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Stronger Reviews

Stronger by Poorna Bell


Changing Everything I Knew About Women's Strength

Poorna Bell

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Imprint: Bluebird
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 29 Apr 2021
ISBN: 9781529050813

A groundbreaking book about women's strength, inspired by author Poorna Bell's journey to get physically strong after her husband, Rob, died and the huge (and unexpected) ways in which it empowered her, gave her confidence and boosted her mental resilience

  • The BooksellerEditor's Choice
4 stars out of 5
Caroline Sanderson
15 Jan 2021

"a powerful blend of health, self-help and memoir"

"On the darkest of nights, I feel my sense of strength burn with the flame of something bigger than myself." In a powerful blend of health, self-help and memoir, Bell charts her journey to get physically stronger after her husband's suicide. Exploring how exercise (notably lifting weights) empowered her and boosted her mental resilience, she starts a conversation about fitness that has nothing to do with weight loss. As she so rightly says, "Strong is not a size". I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading this inspirational book.