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Surveillance Valley by Yasha Levine

Surveillance Valley

The Secret Military History of the Internet

Yasha Levine

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Category: Non-fiction
Imprint: Icon Books Ltd
Publisher: Icon Books Ltd
Publication date: 3 Jan 2019
ISBN: 9781785784781

An explosive, revisionist history of the dark past, and darker present of the internet.

2 stars out of 5
Andrew Anthony
6 Jan 2019

"A righteous polemic depicting the likes of Amazon as part of a military conspiracy just doesn’t hold water"

His polemical method is to assemble all the supporting evidence he can find for his thesis and skirt round or dismiss anything that gets in its way. His latest book targets the tech industry, which, let’s face it, is a massive and deserving target... There is a perfectly good argument contained in this book that the relationship between large internet corporations and US governmental agencies demands close scrutiny and criticism. But the attempt to characterise it as a giant military conspiracy is overwrought and not fully supported by the evidence.