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Surviving Katyn Reviews

Surviving Katyn by Jane Rogoyska

Surviving Katyn: Stalin's Polish Massacre and the Search for Truth

Jane Rogoyska

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Imprint: Oneworld Publications
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Publication date: 6 May 2021
ISBN: 9781786078926

The extraordinary true story of one of the greatest mysteries of World War II

3 stars out of 5
18 Apr 2021

"a torturous history of the massacre"

Despite the wealth of detail unearthed by Rogoyska, her handling of the massacre itself is curious: rather than describe it as it happened, she addresses it later through the prism of the investigation, depriving the narrative of what should have been its most dramatic moment. She also probably devotes too much space to the initial attempts by the few Polish officers who survived to discover the fate of their comrades. The book could instead have benefited from more discussion of why Stalin ordered the killings.