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Tales of Boomtown Glory Reviews

Tales of Boomtown Glory by The Boomtown Rats, Bob Geldof

Tales of Boomtown Glory: Complete lyrics and selected chronicles for the songs of Bob Geldof

The Boomtown Rats, Bob Geldof

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Imprint: Faber Music Ltd
Publisher: Faber Music Ltd
Publication date: 24 Feb 2020
ISBN: 9780571541522
4 stars out of 5
15 Mar 2020

"A book to be celebrated as long overdue"

But alphabetising any list of artworks, while useful in some ways, skews observance of the artist’s evolution. A more visible sense of a writer’s development might have resulted from a chronological or thematic approach. Then again, chronology brings its own stodginess and is its own distorting lens. Most writers are working in circles, not unbroken lines. Caveats aside, the book is to be celebrated as overdue, the most complete picture of this remarkable songwriter’s restless intelligence and achievement that we are likely to have.