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The Apology by Eve Ensler

The Apology

Eve Ensler

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Imprint: Bloomsbury USA
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication date: 14 May 2019
ISBN: 9781635574388
3 stars out of 5
Christina Patterson
12 May 2019

"a bold act of imaginative empathy"

[The Apology] is a litany of horrendous acts, written in the form of a letter by Arthur Ensler to his daughter. It starts with one of his last acts: his instruction to his wife to strike Eve from his will. From there, it goes back to the start, to Eve’s birth and what it unleashed in him... [The Apology] is at times so electrically intense that it’s hard to read on. But between the passages that edge towards poetry there is some less beguiling prose. Arthur talks about a “structure of identity” and “patriarchal blueprint”. He uses words such as “paradigm” and “gaslighting”, which can make him sound more like a lecturer in cultural studies than a New York businessman born at around the time Queen Victoria died... That’s the trouble with this book. It’s a bold act of imaginative empathy, but you’d expect an award-winning playwright to be better at catching a voice. Perhaps she is too close to it... The Apology is an incredibly brave attempt to make sense of what seems senseless. It’s a powerful and sometimes devastating anatomisation of harm.