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The Big Con by Tony Sales

The Big Con: How I stole GBP30 million and got away with it

Tony Sales

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Imprint: Mirror Books
Publisher: Mirror Books
Publication date: 19 Nov 2020
ISBN: 9781913406394

Fraudster, swindler, conman, chancer, trickster, loveable rogue, the Southerner with more front than Southend - call him what you will. Tony Sales knew how to make money.

3 stars out of 5
Emma Newlands
10 Jan 2021

"In his new memoir, Britain’s most famous fraudster explains how he conned as much as £30 million out of banks and shops"

In this unvarnished, fast-paced memoir he looks back over a life of crime that started early in his childhood and gradually escalated – at one point he even claims to have tried to fraudulently get himself an £890,000 yacht.

He also has the insight to realise that his turbulent childhood and lack of suitable guidance paved the way for his journey down the wrong path – and he asks, rightly, how youngsters who have suffered trauma are supposed to get on and stay on the straight and narrow.