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The Boy I Am Reviews

The Boy I Am by K. L. Kettle

The Boy I Am

K. L. Kettle

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Category: Children's
Imprint: Stripes Publishing
Publisher: Little Tiger Press Group
Publication date: 7 Jan 2021
ISBN: 9781788951227

In the House of Boys, young men are auctioned off to the female elite. Sixteen-year-old Jude wants more than this, but how far is he prepared to go for a chance of freedom?

3 stars out of 5
Suzi Feay
5 Jan 2021

"The Boy I Am feels too laboured to count as true escapism"

Kept in ignorance of the outside, above-ground world, the boys are controlled by grown men complicit with tyranny, but rumours of a fight for freedom still swirl. Unfortunately, this is such a convoluted set-up that Kettle has to spend more time on world-building, explication and mythology than on actual plot. The confused action frequently struggles to emerge from lengthy expositions addressed by Jude to his friend Viktor, who is missing and presumed dead.