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The Bystander Effect by Catherine Sanderson

The Bystander Effect: The Psychology of Courage and Inaction

Catherine Sanderson

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Category: Psychology, Non-fiction
Imprint: William Collins
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 16 Apr 2020
ISBN: 9780008361624

In the face of wrongdoing, why do good people so often do nothing? Pioneering psychologist Catherine Sanderson explains why moral courage is so rare - and how we can all learn to be brave.

4 stars out of 5
James McConnachie
5 Apr 2020

"A fascinating look at why some of us will go to others’ aid, while others do nothing"

Most of the book is a competent and very readable drawing together of classic psychological studies — but parts are practical. Sanderson wants to shift us “from being silent bystanders to active helpers” when we witness bullying, sexual harassment or dodgy workplace activity. She calls people who speak up “moral rebels”. Typically they are extroverts, confident in their own judgment, who will risk looking stupid, feeling embarrassed or experiencing social backlash. (Apparently if you are hesitant about telling a friend there is spinach in their teeth, you are likely to be a bystander.)