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The Case for Keto by Gary Taubes

The Case for Keto: The Truth About Low-Carb, High-Fat Eating

Gary Taubes

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Imprint: Granta Books
Publisher: Granta Books
Publication date: 2 Jul 2020
ISBN: 9781783786534
4 stars out of 5
3 Jan 2021

"Gary Taubes argues persuasively that ‘those who fatten easily’ should abandon carbs altogether"

Taubes’s advice is directly at odds with the stale paradigm entrenched in public health circles for the last 60 years. But he is one of a growing band of medics and nutritional experts whose results show that dietary thinking should move on. Those who feel doomed to be fat would be well advised to digest every word of Taubes’s cogently argued, agenda-shifting book. It could be a life-changer for some.


3 stars out of 5
David Aaronovitch
26 Dec 2020

"A carb-hating evangelist for high-fat weight-loss diets makes his case, and it’s scary"

Taubes approvingly cites the approach of Garry Kim, a physician who operates a chain of weight-control clinics in southern California. “He said that having no control over it, he tries to demonize the food environment. ‘I try to impart an us-versus-them mentality,’ he told me, ‘People are conspiring to make us all fat and we have to fight against it. We have to draw a line and not let them win.’” Purge your house of bad material, change your social networks, understand how the forces of evil — not least those close to you — seek to lead you astray, maintain your steadfastness in the teeth of their unbelief.