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The Child Reviews

The Child by Kjersti A. Skomsvold, Martin Aitken

The Child

Kjersti A. Skomsvold, Martin Aitken

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Imprint: Granta Books
Publisher: Granta Books
Publication date: 6 May 2021
ISBN: 9781783785469

Narrated by a woman to her new-born, meandering between her enchanted present and her memories of a more difficult past, The Child is a modern exploration of the territory of motherhood.

4 stars out of 5
Sarah Gilmartin
14 May 2021

"(a) compelling account of an artist’s journey to motherhood"

Skomsvold writes with empathetic clarity on the sensibility of the artist. The heightened sensitivities that produce great work have a downside, which comes through in the narrator’s own depressions and also the melancholy of her artist partner, Bo. Everyday existence – “To become someone’s partner is the most complicated and the most banal thing a person can do” – can become unbearable in the down times, but the narrator has the ability to step back from the problems, to wait out the storm.