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The Easternmost House Reviews

The Easternmost House by Juliet Blaxland

The Easternmost House

Juliet Blaxland

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Imprint: Sandstone Press Ltd
Publisher: Sandstone Press Ltd
Publication date: 25 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9781912240548

The Easternmost House is a memoir which describes a year of life on a crumbling cliff at the easternmost edge of England, all year round and in all weathers. It is a meditation on nature, on coastal erosion, and on the changing seasons.

4 stars out of 5
Simon Heffer
12 Jun 2019

"a charming fight for rural existence"

The title is a slight misnomer. Her house is not the easternmost in England: that honour belongs to one in Lowestoft, where adequate sea defences protect the town. Easton Bavents has no such luxury, and parts of the cliff keep dropping away; so we should allow the author her artistic licence, because she and her house are certainly out on the proverbial limb. It might take only one violent storm to force the evacuation of her house and leave it, as so much of this coast has been left, to the elements...For the moment, however, she continues to fight for this rural existence, and for the local wildlife that she so charmingly describes. As recompense, she lives in a landscape that has inspired not just writers, but a whole school of painting and, perhaps most famous of all, Benjamin Britten. Even when it has all been swallowed by the sea, the art it helped create will survive – and Blaxland’s book deserves a distinguished place in that company.