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The File Note by David Foley

The File Note

David Foley

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Imprint: Liberties Press
Publisher: Liberties Press
Publication date: 19 May 2019
ISBN: 9781912589999

Shortly before his death, Mr Timmons, the only partner in Kilcreddin law firm Timmons & Associates, made a handwritten note of a meeting with a key client. Now the client, Lord Barrington, along with his wife, Lady Barrington, are dead, and the note is a key piece of evidence in the investigation. Is Timmons's own death related to those of the Barringtons?

3 stars out of 5
Edel Coffey
9 Jun 2019

"a charming debut"

When is a cup of tea more than just a cup of tea? When it is a murder weapon, of course. This gives you some indication of just how gentle a crime novel The File Note is... As with the best classic crime fiction, the plot of The File Note runs on parallel tracks to the characters’ personal stories and it is enjoyably impossible for the reader to figure out who the killer might be. Unlike the classics, however, we are never quite chilled enough by the murders... Hadfield is an ordinary hero, and an unlikely love interest — or else Kilcreddin is a smaller village than we are led to believe — but there is an authentic and enjoyable romance here. Foley uses restraint when writing the love scene, which is all the stronger for it. The writing style also stays loyal to the classics, giving the novel an out-of-time feel... The author has said he wanted to give his novel an old-fashioned setting, partly to reflect his interest in the classic murder-mystery genre, but for this reader, the story is not set far enough in the past to justify the old-fashioned tone. Nor does it seem necessary... These are minor quibbles... This is a charming debut within the classic crime genre