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The Flapper Queens Reviews

The Flapper Queens by Trina Robbins

The Flapper Queens

Women Cartoonists of the Jazz Age

Trina Robbins

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1 review

Category: Graphic Novels
Imprint: Fantagraphics
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Publication date: 20 Aug 2020
ISBN: 9781683963233
5 stars out of 5
Rachel Cooke
16 Aug 2020

"every page of this luscious collection is delightful"

’m mad about this book. If it isn’t cartoon bliss, I don’t know what is – though sadly there’ll be no chortling on the bus: it’s too big to slip into your bag. Robbins isn’t certain where the word flapper originated. It could refer to the movements involved in dancing the charleston, though her preferred theory arises from the fashion in the 1920s for leaving your galoshes unfastened, which meant that they flapped as you walked. But what Robbins understands is that these six American women (the others are Eleanor Schorer and Virginia Huget) represent a revolution, not only in hairstyles and hemlines, but in a woman’s autonomy.