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The Human Body Reviews

The Human Body by Richard Walker, Rachel Caldwell

The Human Body: A Pop-Up Guide to Anatomy

Richard Walker, Rachel Caldwell

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Category: Children's
Imprint: Templar Publishing
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication date: 29 Nov 2018
ISBN: 9781787410589

It's 1839 and you are a medical student working on your first human body dissection!

  • The GuardianBook of the Year
4 stars out of 5

"ideal for the scientifically minded or the faintly morbid"

The Human Body by Richard Walker, illustrated by Rachel Caldwell, is ideal for the scientifically minded or the faintly morbid. This anatomy guide boasts up-to-the-minute information with a Victorian twist; set in 1839, it casts the reader as a medical student embarking on their first dissection. Lovingly coloured multilayered flaps and interlocking pop-ups give a brilliant sense of the human form’s complexity.