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The Impossible Dream Reviews

The Impossible Dream by Barry J Whyte

The Impossible Dream: The spectacular rise and fall of Steorn, the Celtic Tiger's most audacious start-up

Barry J Whyte

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Imprint: Gill Books
Publisher: Gill
Publication date: 8 May 2020
ISBN: 9780717188048

The story of the rise and spectacular fall of Steorn, the Irish Celtic Tiger company that believed they had defied the laws of physics and solved the world's energy crisis. They had belief, they had investment, they just had to outsmart the laws of physics!

4 stars out of 5
Charlie Taylor
2 Jun 2020

"proves once again that not all publicity is good publicity"

That said, this is a minor complaint. While there is some technical jargon and deep dives of company documents to wade through, The Impossible Dream is for the most part an easy-to-read yarn that firmly places the ascent and crash of Steorn within the context of the Celtic Tiger era. Entrepreneurs are often by their nature a bolshie lot. Throw in arrogance, a hostile response and a pot load of money and the chances of them falling flat on their faces jump markedly. As McCarthy says himself: “That’s just the nature of trying to be aggressive with a start-up business. When it all works out, you’re a legend, when it doesn’t you’re a scumbag.”