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The Inevitable by Katie Engelhart

The Inevitable: Dispatches on the Right to Die

Katie Engelhart

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Imprint: Atlantic Books
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication date: 4 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781786495648

A compelling and beautifully written exploration of the topic which breaks all taboos: assisted death

4 stars out of 5
Christina Patterson
21 Feb 2021

"A fascinating study of one of the most fraught ethical issues"

There’s also plenty of compassion, plenty of nuance and plenty of complex thought. Engelhart is a skilled storyteller. She marshals a mass of questions and arguments. Why should you help someone who’s in physical pain to die, but not someone in mental pain? Who defines “unbearable” suffering? Why is it OK to help someone to take a lethal drug, but not OK to inject them with one when they can’t? (In the Netherlands and Belgium, of course, it is. Young people and even children can be killed by a sympathetic doctor.)