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The Killing of Thomas Niedermayer Reviews

The Killing of Thomas Niedermayer by David Blake Knox

The Killing of Thomas Niedermayer

David Blake Knox

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Imprint: New Island Books
Publisher: New Island Books
Publication date: 15 May 2019
ISBN: 9781848407343
4 stars out of 5
Ed O’Loughlin
24 Jul 2019

"A quietly angry book"

The Killing of Thomas Niedermayer, the new non-fiction work from the author and former RTÉ producer, is a quietly angry book, a lie detector test for convenient post-Troubles narratives... The ruthless IRA commander accused of ordering Niedermayer’s murder (among many others), the late Brian Keenan, has – thanks to his belated conversion to the Good Friday process – since been reinvented as a hero of the peace process. Niedermayer is buried in an obscure Belfast grave with no family – for reasons that will become heartbreakingly clear to readers of this book – to visit him... Niedermayer, all but forgotten, claimed by neither side, with no one to mourn him, becomes, in Blake Knox’s clear yet deceptively subtle argument, a perfect test case: avenge or forget? Instead, he argues, it is better to remember.