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The Kingdom of Liars Reviews

The Kingdom of Liars by Nick Martell

The Kingdom of Liars

Nick Martell

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Category: Adventure, Fiction, Fantasy
Imprint: Gollancz
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Publication date: 7 May 2020
ISBN: 9781473225619

In this brilliant debut fantasy, secrets, rebellion, and murder are shattering the Hollows, where memory is the coin that pays for magic, and only the son of the kingdom's despised traitor holds the truth.

4 stars out of 5
15 May 2020

"(an) impressive and highly ambitious epic fantasy debut"

While awaiting trial for regicide, con artist Michael Kingman tells the tense, convoluted story of how he found himself imprisoned and how, a decade before the novel opens, his father was executed for murdering the king’s son. The setting is the Hollow, a land where the monarchy is barely hanging on to power, rebellion is rife and civil war looms. Michael comes from a once-exalted line of royal advisers. He charts his own fall alongside his investigation into his father’s alleged crime, depicting a fractured society and a code of magic known as Fabrication – the misuse of which can result in devastating memory loss. Martell’s portrayal of his protagonist’s growth, from a cocksure chancer to a mature adult sobered by his discoveries, is just as impressive as the twisty plot.