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Publication date: 19 Mar 2019
ISBN: 9781788734974
3 stars out of 5
Hettie O'Brien
16 May 2019

"the book’s influence could be profound"

The key idea in Roberto Mangabeira Unger’s new book, The Knowledge Economy, is compellingly simple: the problem with the global economy isn’t that there’s too much disruption, but that there isn’t enough... Unger believes the progressive armoury of taxation and social spending is woefully inadequate. Instead, his book focuses on advanced forms of production. It echoes Marx – but Unger is keen to distinguish his project from Marxists who believe technological advances will usher in a post-work society. Unger would rather we focused on enjoying “freedom in the economy and not just freedom from the economy”... Unger’s focus is less on economic policy than philosophy. The Knowledge Economy has little to say on the specifics of how we might arrive at its programme, and its focus on hi-tech industries could be criticised for neglecting sectors including care work, which innovation is less likely to disrupt. Yet as a lucid vision for an economy that puts humans at its centre, the book’s influence could be profound.