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The Lifespan of a Fact Reviews

The Lifespan of a Fact by John D'Agata, Jim Fingal

The Lifespan of a Fact: Now a Broadway Play

John D'Agata, Jim Fingal

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1 review

Imprint: riverrun
Publisher: Quercus Publishing
Publication date: 22 Aug 2019
ISBN: 9781529404623

A laugh-out-loud literary duel between a liberty-taking writer and his steadfast fact-checker.

3 stars out of 5
Ian Sansom
14 Dec 2019

"Seven years after its original publication, John D’Agata’s and Jim Fingal’s experiment in postmodern playfulness now seems all too familiar and depressing"

The book was a serious experiment in postmodern playfulness, a Socratic dialogue irl — there really was, it seems, a Levi Presley, who killed himself by suicide — and last year it became a Broadway play, starring Daniel Radcliffe, who interned at the New Yorker in order to get a feel for the whole fact-checking thing. Hence, presumably, the reissue of the book. Alas, what seemed very funny in 2012 now seems both all too familiar and utterly depressing.