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The Loop by Jeremy Robert Johnson

The Loop

Jeremy Robert Johnson

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Imprint: Titan Books Ltd
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Publication date: 6 Apr 2021
ISBN: 9781789097252

Stranger Things meets X-Files by way of Stephen King in this visceral thrill-ride full of heart and horror.

2 stars out of 5
Simon Ings
22 Apr 2021

"To get a feel for The Loop, imagine if the TV series Stranger Things lost its sense of humour. "

High school student Lucy Henderson and her friend Bakhit “Bucket” Marwani are getting the hell out of Turner Falls, a picture-postcard ski town in Oregon. The first disturbing thing was the Brower Butte boys kicking kittens into trees. Then it was Chris Carmichael trying to blind a fellow pupil in maths class. Then a party in East Bear caves that turned seriously satanic. Then the entire town has exploded in crazy, gut-wrenching violence... Has a sinister corporation beamed plot information into the author’s writing hand in a desperate effort to prevent him from writing an engaging story?