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The Mahogany Pod Reviews

The Mahogany Pod by Jill Hopper

The Mahogany Pod: A Memoir of Endings and Beginnings

Jill Hopper

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Imprint: Saraband
Publisher: Saraband
Publication date: 11 Feb 2021
ISBN: 9781912235933

The Mahogany Pod is a deeply moving account of falling in love with someone who only has a few months to live. Through honest prose, Jill Hopper's story explores the joy and pain of loving and losing, and the beginnings that come after endings.

4 stars out of 5
25 Mar 2021

"Author pens tear-jerking memoir about her boyfriend who passed away after being diagnosed with terminal cancer"

Although Hopper is today happily married with a 12-year-old son, Arif’s death was so traumatic it has taken her until now to work out how she was changed by loving and losing him. It’s often a smell or a song which stirs up buried memories. But in Hopper’s case, it was coming across a dusty old seed pod that Arif had brought back from his gap year travels around Zimbabwe and later given her. She found herself ‘rooted to the carpet, remembering the thrill of seeing it for the first time . . . the times I’ve shut it in a drawer because I couldn’t bear to look at it.’