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The Nacullians Reviews

The Nacullians by Craig Jordan-Baker

The Nacullians

Craig Jordan-Baker

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Imprint: Epoque Press
Publisher: Epoque Press
Publication date: 10 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781999896072

Welcome to the world of The Nacullians, three generations of one family, living in a brick house in a line of other brick houses. Craig Jordan-Baker's dark comedy charts the tensions and traumas of one family and their relationship with the city they inhabit.

3 stars out of 5
10 Jun 2020

"Craig Jordan-Baker explores a migrant Irish bricklayer and his clan with metafictional flair"

The author takes a little too much pleasure in bringing us round in circles, which sees the end of his story go out with a whimper. In a book that delights in showing its scaffolding, there are some parts that need more attention – Shannon’s history with a local businessowner; Greg’s poignant plea to know his father; racist Bernard’s comeuppance. 

For the most part, however, Jordan-Baker does a fine job of homing in on the trauma and tensions in family life that can press painfully against an individual’s heart. When all the drama and narrative whirling is deconstructed, there is a simple and effective message in the foundations: “We all know that families are impossible to ignore, whatever we think of them.”