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The New Enclosure by Brett Christophers

The New Enclosure

The Appropriation of Public Land in Neoliberal Britain

Brett Christophers

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Category: Philosophy, Non-fiction
Imprint: Verso Books
Publisher: Verso Books
Publication date: 6 Nov 2018
ISBN: 9781786631589

Much has been written about Britain's trailblazing post-1970s privatization program, but the biggest privatization of them all has until now escaped scrutiny: the privatization of land. Since Margaret Thatcher took power in 1979, and hidden from the public eye, about 10 per cent of the entire British land mass, including some of its most valuable real estate, has passed from public to private hands. With more public land still slated for disposal, the book identifies the stakes and asks what, if anything, can and should be done.

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4 stars out of 5
Will Self
6 Dec 2018

"If you’re someone who’s interested in Britain... the whole 80,823 square miles of its physical existence – then this is a book you must read"

If you’re someone who’s interested in Britain – and I mean Britain tout court: the whole 80,823 square miles of its physical existence – then this is a book you must read. If, further, you’re any kind of student of the nation (its politics, its social forms, its economic particularities) then Brett Christophers’ painstaking survey of land privatisation since the Thatcher era will tell you many things you already know. But it will also reveal how all these things you already know are, in fact, underpinned by a single terra incognita – in this case a literal one... since 1979, no less than 10% of the land area of Britain has been sold by the state – in all its various guises and incarnations – to the private sector.