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The Others by Sarah Blau, Daniella Zamir

The Others

Sarah Blau, Daniella Zamir

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Imprint: Pushkin Press
Publisher: Pushkin Press
Publication date: 27 Apr 2021
ISBN: 9781782276494

The timely and controversial Israeli bestseller about four women and their fatal promise not to have children.

4 stars out of 5
Alison Flood
21 Apr 2021

"Twisted, dark and fizzing with fury, it’s a lot of fun."

Women are being murdered in Tel Aviv, found tied to a chair with a baby doll glued to their hands, the word “mother” emblazoned on their foreheads. Sheila, Sarah Blau’s narrator, thinks she knows what’s going on – she used to be friends with the women, and they made a pact at university never to have children, a decision she continues to wrestle with today... Sharp-tongued and sardonic, Sheila is an enjoyably unreliable narrator, misleading the young detective who comes to question her about her old friend Dina’s death, accidentally letting him see a baby doll hidden in a box in her apartment. How much is she hiding, from herself and from the reader; is she in danger, or is she dangerous? The Others is the award-winner Blau’s fourth novel, but her first to be translated into English. Twisted, dark and fizzing with fury, it’s a lot of fun.