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The Patch Reviews

The Patch by John McPhee

The Patch

John McPhee

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2 reviews

Imprint: The Text Publishing Company
Publisher: Text Publishing Co
Publication date: 19 Nov 2018
ISBN: 9781925773170
4 stars out of 5
17 Jan 2019

"McPhee finds surprising poetry in the material at hand"

In “The Patch,” he again shamelessly employs his go-to strategy: crafting sentences so energetic and structurally sound that he can introduce apparently unappealing subjects, even ones that look to be encased in a cruddy veneer of boringness, and persuade us to care about them. He’s been working this angle since the 1950s; it’s a good thing we’re finally onto him now... McPhee finds surprising poetry in the material at hand... 


5 stars out of 5
16 Jan 2019

"inquisitive and engaged"

You always learn a lot when you read McPhee – he has a facts-per-paragraph strike rate that would put the sharpest newshounds to shame – yet somehow, no matter how uninterested you might be in the subject under discussion, you will almost always find yourself being entertained, such is his ability to excavate amusing anecdotes and intriguing nuggets of information and stitch them seamlessly together... Inquisitive and engaged, yet also respectful of his hyper-intelligent subjects even as he is mildly patronised by them...