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The Quiet Americans Reviews

The Quiet Americans by Scott Anderson

The Quiet Americans: Four CIA Spies at the Dawn of the Cold War - A Tragedy in Three Acts

Scott Anderson

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Imprint: Picador
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication date: 18 Feb 2021
ISBN: 9781529042474

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Lawrence in Arabia, a gripping history of the early years of the Cold War, the CIA's covert battles against communism, and the tragic consequences which still affect America and the world today

4 stars out of 5
20 Feb 2021

"The Quiet Americans, superbly researched, is the beginning of wisdom in these frightful matters"

Anderson, a social historian and former US war correspondent, tells the story through the lives of four key CIA operatives. His book (titled after Graham Greene’s great 1955 novel The Quiet American) casts a disillusioned eye over the spycraft antics of Michael Burke, Edward Lansdale, Peter Sichel and Frank Wisner. All-American stalwarts, these CIA men trained anti-communist Albanian commandos to topple Comrade Enver Hoxha’s Stalinist regime in Tirana.