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The Secret Deep Reviews

The Secret Deep by Lindsay Galvin

The Secret Deep

Lindsay Galvin

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Category: Children's
Imprint: Chicken House Ltd
Publisher: Chicken House Ltd
Publication date: 2 Aug 2018
ISBN: 9781911490029

When Aster wakes alone, stranded, on a tropical island, she has no idea what has happened, why she is there, or where to find her younger sister, Poppy. The answers lie in the secretive underwater world surrounding the desert island, populated by the beautiful and the unexpected ...

  • The Daily TelegraphChildren's Book of the Year
5 stars out of 5
Emily Bearn
19 Nov 2018

"This is an inventive and touching story, from a novice who writes like an old pro"

Galvin is a thrilling storyteller, untangling a dense plot in brief, suspenseful chapters, her prose almost trance-like: "The sand is softer, pristine, the colours too vivid… I remember now, we were on a boat, a snorkelling trip. It was dawn." But Galvin allows every character time to unravel. She is particularly good on the relationship between the two orphaned sisters, marked by Aster's poignant efforts to assume their mother's role: "I never remind her to brush her hair and I always forget to check she's cleaned her teeth. I hear her suck her thumb again, and I close my eyes, swept with a desperate fear that something bad will happen to Poppy because I can't look after her properly."


4 stars out of 5
1 Sep 2018

"breathtakingly daring and imaginative"

This teen sci-fi thriller is breathtakingly daring and imaginative but has just enough grounding in reality to make it almost believable. Exploring themes of bereavement, survival, science and ecology, it will appeal to a wide readership and keep readers gripped to the very last page.