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The Serpent's Mark Reviews

The Serpent's Mark by S. W. Perry

The Serpent's Mark

S. W. Perry

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Imprint: Corvus
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication date: 6 Jun 2019
ISBN: 9781786494962

A smart and gripping tale of conspiracy, murder and espionage in Elizabethan London, ideal for fans of CJ Sansom, Rory Clements and SG MacLean.

4 stars out of 5
Nick Rennison
9 Jun 2019

"a satisfyingly convoluted plot"

Venetian mariners, a disguised cardinal, the playwright Christopher Marlowe and a devotee of trepanation all take their place in a satisfyingly convoluted plot. Writers of thrillers set in 16th-century England work in the shadow of CJ Sansom, but Perry largely escapes it.