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The Snow Leopard Project Reviews

The Snow Leopard Project by Alex Dehgan

The Snow Leopard Project: And Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation

Alex Dehgan

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Imprint: PublicAffairs,U.S.
Publication date: 22 Jan 2019
ISBN: 9781610396950

A remarkable story of a scientist's heroic efforts to save and preserve Afghanistan's wildlife surrounded by danger and destruction offers a unique portrait of a culture that derives immense pride and a sense of national identity from its natural landscape.

2 stars out of 5
9 Mar 2019

"It tells the story of wonderful successes on behalf of the country, but somehow its author fails to give us a true sense of the place"

Somehow it never quite delivers on the excitement that one might have anticipated from such a cocktail, nor that one is led to expect from the mysterious allure embedded in the title. Truth to tell we encounter no rare and exotic big cats, aside from the snow leopard skins that the author finds for sale in the bazaars of Kabul...Dehgan, despite his undoubted courage and sense of mission, is corralled into too narrow an experience of place and people by the incessant risk to foreigners. Beyond the fortified compound and the Land Cruiser’s reinforced glass lie extraordinary landscapes, ancient, enduring communities and some of the most alluring animals on Earth. All of this is foreshadowed, but never genuinely illuminated.