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The Species that Changed Itself Reviews

The Species that Changed Itself by Edwin Gale

The Species That Changed Itself: How Prosperity Reshaped Humanity

Edwin Gale

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1 review

Category: Non-fiction, History
Imprint: Allen Lane
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication date: 1 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9780241292693

An inquisitive, expansive and fascinating exploration of humans as creatures of our own making Other species adapt to their environments; we alone create ours.

4 stars out of 5
James Marriott
17 Dec 2020

"A fascinating thesis argues that biologically we are unlike any generation that has gone before"

I wish to say that I fear I have been unfairly joshing towards Gale. We condemn in others the faults we are most conscious of in ourselves. I am a brother anecdotalist and I recognise his weakness as mine. His book is humane and fascinating and it boasts a compelling argument. You will not be bored reading it and if you can’t be bothered to read it cover to cover you can simply open it at random to find a good story for your next dinner party.