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The Steam Whistle Theatre Company Reviews

The Steam Whistle Theatre Company by Vivian French, Hannah Peck

The Steam Whistle Theatre Company

Vivian French, Hannah Peck

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2 reviews

Category: Children's
Imprint: Walker Books Ltd
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Publication date: 7 Feb 2019
ISBN: 9781406376319
  • The Sunday TimesChildren's Book of the Week
5 stars out of 5
Nicolette Jones
17 Feb 2019

"a delightful kind of old-fashioned storytelling"

This novel about a Victorian theatre troupe on its uppers — the Pringle family, with its Shakespeare-loving patriarch, warm-hearted offspring, and some redoubtable women — is a delightful kind of old-fashioned storytelling... The story inspires sympathy for the hard-working and the kind, and disdain for spoilt children and greedy rogues. It builds satisfyingly to an ending in which the good find friends and salvation and the bad get their just deserts. It would be a treat to read aloud at bedtime, especially for anyone able to do actorly declamations, and, with its edge-of-your-seat pace, it deserves applause.


4 stars out of 5
Philip Womack
3 Mar 2019

"French is a writer of tremendous charm"

French is a writer of tremendous charm, her world at once comedic and believable... French controls her disparate elements effortlessly and every character, charming or dastardly, is drawn with care and love, including the ghastly Poskett children, Hypatia and Affogato, and Vincent von Greazle, who is ‘no longer able to play the Noble Hero unless the lights were exceptionally dim’. Familial love underpins everything. Children of nine and upwards will want to jump aboard.