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The Tribe by Caitriona Perry

The Tribe

The Inside Story of Irish Power and Influence in US Politics

Caitriona Perry

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Imprint: Gill Books
Publisher: Gill
Publication date: 11 Oct 2019
ISBN: 9780717184828

From JFK to Trump, Irish American voters have played a pivotal role in US politics, but is their influence on the wane? The Tribe provides a definitive, clear-eyed look at Irish American voters.

4 stars out of 5
9 Nov 2019

"Perry ... tells her story at pace, and in a crisp, accessible style."

Hyde was one of many Irish public figures of that era who crossed the Atlantic in search of support from the Irish in America who were only too eager to aid Irish causes. Their passion for Irish freedom helped prepare the ground for the 1916 Rising. Turn the clock forward a century and Caitríona Perry’s The Tribe represents a timely effort to gauge the current political influence of Irish America. She deserves credit for eliciting the co-operation of so many leading figures including president Bill Clinton. I was among those she interviewed for this book. There are many insights to be found here and Perry, who knows the subject well from the years she spent as RTÉ’s Washington correspondent, tells her story at pace, and in a crisp, accessible style.